Start Your Fiverr Business Now With Instant Ready Made Gigs

This book help you starting your Fiverr business
instantly with ready made Gigs

Table of Contents :

Video Testimonials 
Article Writing 
Social Bookmarking 
Logo Creation 
Amazon Reviews 

Example :

Video Testimonials

Gig Headline:

 I will record a professional video 60 seconds testimonial or review for your

product, service or website for $5
Gig Description:
**Video Testimonial** I will record a 30 seconds video testimonial for your
business, website or product. I will do it in HD and delivery you the main file. If
you want me to read a script, please send it to me, otherwise I need brief idea
on the product. No adult related products.
Please provide me with the link to your product, website or business so I can
get the feel for the testimonial.
If you provide me the script, please send it in the first message. If not, please
give me 150 words description of the product, website or business I’ll record
the testimonial for.
Thank you.


Viode, testimonial, review, promotion, video testimonial

Delivery Template:

Thank you for ordering.

I have attached the video file in a zip format in this message.
Please, if you like my gig leave a positive review on it, and if you didn’t like it,
please, let me know how I can improve it and please your expectations.
Also, check my special offer in the READ_ME.txt file in the zip folder.
Thank you for your order

How To Do It:

If you already recorded a face video ever before, you shouldn’t have any

problems with this gig. However, if you need some directions here is what I
suggest you do:

1. Find a camera that can record videos or use anything else that can record

HD videos.
2. Find a good spot for recording this video, preferably in a light room to get
nice video effect
3. Prepare a script for the video so you will talk smoothly and you won’t have to
edit the file too much.
4. Use video software on your computer to cup the parts it shouldn’t have (you
can use iMovie on mac or Movie Maker on PC)
5. Export the file into mp4 format or any other format you agree on with the
seller and zip it with your special offer file (If you don’t have a special offer, you
won’t do this step, however, I recommend you

What I Do ?
i get the video from seoclerck or zeerk and re-sell it in Fiverr

Download Here

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